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New update Free fire Apk

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🔥Rank Mode 🔥Work In All Mode Classic/Rank 🔥No Scope Damage 🔥No Scope Accuracy 🔥High Aim Sensitivity 🔥Recoil Reduced (M4A1 Recommends) 🔥Spread Reduced 🔥Ultra Hit For AR Guns 🔥M4A1 Edition 🔥MP40 Edition 🔥Work In Classic/Rank 🔥Armour Increased 🔥Aim To Fire 🔥Assault Rifles Aim 🔥Better Aim/Accuracy+ 🔥Damage ++ 🔥Rank Madness 🔥Walk Fastly While Punching Around The Players.. 🔥Aimbot++ 🔥Less Recoil 🔥Less Spread 🔥HeadShot Accuracy 🔥Body Armour++ 🔥Bag Capacity 🔥Pre-Fire++ 🔥AimAssist 🔥Work In All Modes 🔥Cheat Detection Removed 🔥Facebook & Vk Login 🔥AntiBan 🔥Much More Added & Updated

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